Dental Implants

Dental Implants are an attractive alternative to dentures or bridges for people who are missing teeth. They are the “gold standard” for tooth replacement. They look and act as real teeth, which allows for a better quality of life. Dental implants are titanium metal “anchors” that actually fuse with the jaw bone. Dental implants are designed to replace missing teeth and are made of three parts:

The titanium implant that fuses with the jawbone. Titanium is a metal that is accepted by the body and it will heal together with the bone to form a new, stable tooth root.

The abutment which fits over the part of the implant that protrudes from the gumline. This is titanium or ceramic and serves to ensure a secure fit between the dental implant and the crown.

The crown, which is made by the dentist or prosthodontist and fits on the abutment to create the look of a natural tooth.

A consultation with Dr. Truitt is necessary to determine the treatment plan based on the examination, x-rays and individual needs of each person. It is important to have a treatment plan that is in agreement with the patient, the restorative dentist and Dr. Truitt, as all three will play important roles in the success of the implant. Once the dental implant has fully integrated into the jaw bone (this could take several months) an appointment with the restorative dentist to put the crown on it will be the final step.

Dental Implant Surgery Ebook