Surgical Extractions

When a tooth is damaged beyond saving via other methods, your dentist may refer you to Dr. Truitt for a surgical extraction. Some reasons a tooth may need to be extracted are: Severe decay, periodontal disease or it is broken in such a way that it cannot be repaired. Other reasons for surgically extracting teeth are if they are poorly positioned in the mouth (impacted) or in preparation for orthodontic treatment.

There are two types of tooth extractions. One is called a simple extraction. This is done for a tooth that is visible without an x-ray. This kind of extraction usually just involves pulling the tooth and caring for the gums and jaw. The other kind is called a Surgical Extraction, and this is done on teeth that are not as easily accessible. The tooth is covered fully or partially by the gum tissue and is not fully exposed. This requires an incision and may include removal of gum tissue and also bone in the surrounding area.

Post-Operative instructions